Ranch Style Pinto Beans

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DescriptionRound up a herd of hungry family members with RANCH STYLE Premium Pinto Beans. These plump pinto beans combined with a delicious blend of seasonings to bring the big, bold taste of Southwestern cooking to your table. Use these premium pinto beans for a rich and creamy addition to soup, chili, tacos, nachos, salsas and more. You can also quickly heat them up on the stove top or in the microwave for a simple side dish.
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Gross Weight 44.601 (lbs)

UPC Code 100 46900 00116 4

Net Weight 40.500 (lbs)

Case Cube .993 (ft3)

Size 108 oz.

Case Dimensions 18.750 x 12.625 x 7.250

Ti Hi 8 x 6 = 48