We’ve built our citizenship strategy around four focus areas that articulate our values as a responsible corporate citizen — Better Planet, Good Food, Responsible Sourcing, and Stronger Communities.

Better Planet

The health of our planet and the availability of its natural resources are deeply linked to every part of our business. We’re committed to taking action in several key areas to ensure that we make great food in an environmentally responsible way.

Good Food

The food we make provides choices for every occasion — and must meet high quality and safety standards. We follow rigorous food-safety practices, take a practical and realistic approach to nutrition and health, and provide consumers the resources they need to make educated food choices.

Stronger Communities

Creating shared value with our stakeholders and in the places we live and operate is critical to our long-term success. We maintain an ethical, high-integrity culture, fuel a rewarding workplace with our timeless values, and invest in areas where our offices and facilities are located.

Responsible Sourcing

We are not just accountable for the ingredients and materials we purchase, but also for how they are sourced. It begins with the farms where the ingredients are grown and extends throughout our supply chain with care and consideration for the people, animals and environment all along the way.